Saturday, October 6, 2012

Maisie update

Hello friends!
Well many things have happened...
Maisie became a big sister January 2012. This may be one reason I have been awful about keeping up with this blog. Elsa Louise has been pushing Maisie :) When Elsa babbles, Maisie feels the need to talk back to her. Maisie is also learning so much about sharing: toys, mom, dad, and now her iPad!! This fall Maisie started going to school 5 days a week! She is at school for about 3 hours (including bus ride). She is learning a lot!
You know Maisie has made me a mom that I never thought I would be. She has opened my eyes and my mind and has impacted my teaching. I have been trying to spread the word about AS and advocate for Maisie and others.
Some of the things that are new: Maisie is starting to use the potty! It's not consistent but when you ask her she nods her head yes or no and then OFF we go. This is where I wish I had a main floor bathroom! Maisie is now pedaling her trike, darn near running, swinging on her belly. Playing in the backyard has been a favorite, I am sad to have the colder weather. Our swing set now officially has bare marks under the swing from Maisie going out and swinging on her belly! Independence!! WOHOO! Maisie also learned how to kick in the water using her little boat and steering it around. Maisie then graduated to a Puddle Jumper where she kicks and uses her arms! I think she will be a swimmer :)

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