Tuesday, October 25, 2011

EEG and other updates

This morning I had my blood sugar test at 7:15 am and PASSED!
This afternoon I had a couple of phone calls.
First was from the sleep clinic checking on Maisie and her new prescription. They have put her on a controlled substance (I forget the name) to help keep her down during the middle of the night. Andy and I took precautions and were only giving her 1/2 the dose at night time and 1/2 in the middle of the night. I think we are going to have to try giving her the entire dose to see how long it will keep her down. She has been getting up around 6am instead of staying asleep.
The next was a text message from daycare informing me that Maisie had a BM that exploded so bad that it was running down her leg, into her shoes and all over the floor! YUCK! No fever and as happy as can be (really?) wow!
I received a phone call from Noran Neurology and they had told me they found some unusual activity in her 24 hour EEG. The nurse asked why I didn't hit the trigger button!!! I replied the tech guy Peter said he barried it far into her backpack so I wouldn't be able to reach it but to write down the times and that would give them the same information. So this is what I did. The nurse said she had to call me back. After waiting 2 hours I called back and she said that the Dr. wanted to do a 24 hour EEG with video monitoring. Which would mean that I would go in with Maisie for 24 hours into a room that would record us for 24 hours and she would be rewired up to the EEG. Really a 2 year old that doesn't watch TV and has the shortest attention span in a confined room with nothing that she knows! All because the tech barried the damn trigger in the backpack to deep for me to use! WOW! She doesn't sleep in her own room through the night you really think it is going to go well in a strange environment? Seriously??  Needless to say I am NOT happy. She was going to speak with the Neuro and get back to me tomorrow to see what our nexts steps are. I am wondering why the Neuro can't give me more information on what they noticed and what he thinks is going on. I told the nurse I wrote things down when I noticed a change in normal activity. I probably wrote down way to much or not enough... I am not an expert of what a seizure looks like.

Spoke with Maisie's ECSE teacher and she was happy that Maisie was pretend playing with giving Elmo a drink of water and offered her one as well!! I love hearing when she does something new :-) Each little thing is growth!

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