Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's try it again! 24 hour EEG

We are at it again! Maisie was fitted today with her electrodes. We will be following her and seeing if we can detect any blank stares that could be possible seizures. We also picked up Maisie's new glasses today!! This evening Maisie had a blast crawling up onto the couch and snuggling with her two Weimaraner dogs Emma and Maddie. In Maddie's age she doesn't put up with Maisie as well as Emma does :) Today at PT her long term sub Brian had her on a tricycle with her feet taped. I guess she pedalled a couple of times! Kari her SLP also stated yesterday that since we went back to a tube and suction cup as a stopper that her lip closure is getting better (again). Today Maisie was very vocal and we heard lots of great babbling.

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