Monday, October 24, 2011

WOW What a week... weekend

On Wednesday I had my first hormonal break down. Maisie was having a really rough night and was cranky which is not like her at all! Andy had been gone since Tuesday morning. I sat in Maisie's room holding and rocking her trying to calm her and wondering what in the world I was doing bringing another baby into this world when Maisie needs me so much. How can I give baby #2 attention when Maisie needs me? Hours later I texted Andy and he responded with... Honey. Of course we are. Maisie will have a life long companion... and I sat in bed crying again! You gotta love pregnancy hormones right?

Thursday we have OT and Speech from 9 am- 10:45. Then we were off to see the eye doctor because Maisie's eyes were beginning to wander. I was concerned with her prescription since it would be one year for her check up in December. I was also wondering if it was because of the lack of sleep she had been getting. We (my mother in law and I) arrived at 1:30 and left at 4:15! That's a long time with a 2 year old. Great news her prescription didn't change!

Friday- We had PT at 8 am then we headed to Glasses Menagerie in Minneapolis. We found a really cute pair of Lafont glasses.  She currently has Lafont glasses and broke them on Tuesday. We then went to the Noran Neurology for her 24 hour EEG! Good thing Grammy Lynn was with because WOW that's a lot of probes they put on! We were watching for dazed looks (seizures).

Saturday- It took me 40 minutes to get all the probes out! There was glue, clay, and gauze all over the place! Poor girl was screaming when I removed the tape from her chest and back :( 

In the mean time Grammy and I worked on painting the baby's nursery. It's almost complete.
I was glad to go back to work today... it seemed like less work.

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